Allow to introduce myself

I’m a Fullstack Developer Based in Bavaria, Germany

My focus are web applications where I started small with so called DHTML and JavaScript in 2006. Check out my legacy projects to learn more.

Over the years I gained a deep knowledge in C# and .NET where Linq and Regex became beloved tools of mine. Anyways, technologies doesn’t matter that much as knowledge of good software design and design patterns. Applying Clean Code principles, steady refactoring and refining business logic are essential steps to serious software development. As well a high test covarage ensures reliability, maintainability, extendability and not least good performance.

Clean Code Developer

Moreover my high confirmation of analytical thinking led to interests in epistemology and practical music skills.

My portfolio

Legacy web projects and student research projects

Other works and projects

2010 - Think'n'Run Game

NutHunt v0.2 beta

Inspired by Daisy's Garden 2 I created this simple game with Java 6 during the 3rd semester of media informatics. It also features a graphical editor where you can create custom levels. The squirrel has to collect differt kinds of nuts, unlock doors underground before the time runs out. Each nut has its own score and weight which slows your character down.

NutHunt game


Custom tool for liquidity planning

Parsing PDF files and tagging contents by configured conditions. CSV can be imported with Power BI for further data evaluation.

Everybody should be able to have an easy overview of their personal finances these days but with respect of privacy.



Currently I am collaborating with FTT on their projects like MenschLink. The vision of MenschLink is to provide a career platform where you can find your best fitting profession that will fulfill your personal destination. This process will be supported by artificial intelligence.

Why Choose Me

My expertise Area


C#, Linq, ASP.NET, Visual Studio
Bug tracing, Fiddler, Postman
HTML 5, Vanilla JS
Angular, Typescript, VS Code
Selenium / Appium

Soft skills

Analytical thinking; loyality, surgency, good at team-working, Always trying to find the balance between perfectionismn and pragmatism

Other interests

Philosophy, music theory, playing (public) pianos, video cutting, (instructing) artistic rollerblading aka “Freestyle Slalom”

Experience and gained knowledge

2005 - 2009

AEbt Angewandte Eisenbahntechnik GmbH, Nuremberg


Software-Validation and -testing according to EN-Norms to support approvals

2010 - 2012

Vogler Engineering GmbH, Hof

Student employee

Software development for automation systems in C#, WPF, HTML5 and JavaScript

2012 - 2013

Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen

Project- and Bachelorthesis

Facerecognition with SHORE: Optimizing human age estimation (Lua, Python)

2013 - 2017

Kratzer Automation AG, Unterschleißheim

Fullstack Developer

Web-Apps in C#, ASP.Net, DevExpress, GoJS, E2E Tests with Selenium, SVN, CI/CD with Jenkins, Customer projects for testXplorer-Suite

2017 - 2018

AVL Deutschland GmbH, Munich

Fullstack Developer

Web-Apps in C#, Cluu, Angular; New product project "Lab Manager"

2018 - 2022

InLoox GmbH

Fullstack Developer

Web-Apps in C#, ASP.Net, Angular, Cypress, DevExpress, E2E Tests with Selenium / Appium, Git, DevOps, Azure, Customer Support
What is important

Collaborating on projects for common visions

I believe in fairness and a balanced world. As a minimalist I am not good with 'too much' of everything. Key is mindfulness and to be grateful for the obvious and small things in life. So I'd like to distance myself from work that relate to finance, trading, pharma and automotive.

Education and culture on a small scale are important for a healthy society. It's funny but did you know that volunteers are responsible for the fundament of our connected world? Most servers run on Linux and even huge software projects make heavily use of open source software like J4Log.

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